The objective of this training course is to help you learn about the amazing Kelly Kettle system and make you comfortable in recommending our products to your loyal customers. After completing this short training course, your knowledge of Kelly Kettle products, history and how they work will increase. We hope you will feel more assured and confident when approached with questions from your customers.

Click on each section below to learn about “Who We Are” – “How We Came To Be” and “Why” we do what we do. As you click through and read each section, and watch and listen to the videos, please pay close attention. In section 6 you will take a short 20 question training quiz (honestly, it’s not that tough!) Once you are finished with the training quiz and click “Training Completed” we will tell you how you can purchase your own Kelly Kettle at our special Pro-Team price.

Good luck and thanks again for taking the time to improve your understanding and knowledge of the Kelly Kettle Company and products. We hope you find this exercise informative and importantly….fun!


Patrick Kelly
Kelly Kettle® – Outdoor Life enjoyed™